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I am an avid fiber artist who loves to travel and see the world, meeting wonderful new friends along the way. I am very fortunate to have a career that allows me to do all these things at once. I am a fabric designer for Moda. My fabrics are reproduced from my hand stitched and hand dyed designs. I have a quilt pattern company called "Calico Carriage Quilt Designs" where I publish my quilt patterns. I sell wholesale to quilt shops and some retail to individuals who can not get to a local quilt shop. I also travel internationally to teach and lecture about quilting and fabric dyeing for quilt guilds and quilt shops.  I visit shops and have adventures as I travel to and from teaching engagements. I also love to cook and have a son and daughter in law who are both chefs so we are a "foodie" family. We love going to wonderful restaurants around the globe. My second son is an architect so buildings are always on our list of things to see and photograph. My husband David is my right hand man and sometimes my left. He helps me immensely with all the mundane paper work that needs to be taken care of. It helps that he is CPA. He is also an up and coming lamp work bead maker. I hope you will follow along on my adventures. Check out my itinerary on my website Itinerary Thanks for joining me, Debbie Maddy  

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