The winner for the first week of my new fabric give away


The first winner in my Shibori Celebration give away is:

Lana Manis

Lana send me an email with all of your contact information so I can send you a Junior Layer Cake of Shibori fabric.
Shibori gifts

Shibori gifts

I am going to start with new names next week, but I will keep the list from this week for the final gift of the $100 gift certificate for the quilt shop of your choice.

Here are the rules so you know what to do.

Be sure to tag me in you comments and shares etc.

Leave a comment on this post = one entry Post a picture of you and a shop employee beside my fabric line in a quilt shop = 2 entries Be sure to include the name and town of the quilt shop. Share this blog post on Instagram or Facebook and tag me = 1 entry Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook of an item other than a full quilt you have made with the fabric = 2 entries (Be sure to tag me and Moda Fabrics in the post) Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook of a full quilt, lap or larger made with the fabric = 5 entries (be sure to tag me and Moda Fabrics in the post) Shop owners when you receive the line of fabric, show a picture of the fabric and tag me on Facebook or Instagram and I will send you a set of the 5 patterns that feature the line free of charge. I will post a winner on my blog each Friday. You must check the blog each Friday to see if you are a winner. I will need your shipping information. Remember: Always tag me and Moda Fabrics in the posts so I can see it and add your name to the list. Good luck to all who play the game. Debbie
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3 Responses to The winner for the first week of my new fabric give away

  1. Lana Manis says:

    Oh, wow! I had to look twice to make sure it was my name! I’ll email my info to you right away! Thank so much! 🙂

  2. Barbara Macey says:


    You are a generous lady sharing what you’ve created with the knowledge from your trip & the master of Shibori fabrics. Although I’d love to win, I am in awe of your generosity.

    So many will never have the ability for a trip like yours but you’ve done the next best thing by sharing. What goodness flows—-

    I don’t want to be counted in the give away, I simply wanted to tell you that I think You are one of GOD’S chosen few. God bless you Debbie.

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