Photo Album of My 2015 Travels

  Photo Review of 2015

 It was a very active, adventure filled and exciting year for me.


I was nominated for Teacher of the year once again which was very exciting. I started my year of travels to teach and lecture in California where I taught and lectured for six different guilds and loved meeting so many new friends. As the year processed I taught or took classes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, California, Arizona, and Kentucky as well as Canada. I taught on a 12 day cruise where I visited five different countries. I designed new patterns and visited Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis. I made jewelry, indigo dyed fabrics and ice dyed fabrics. I never stop learning and teaching others what I know. Travel and teaching are my passions and I hope you enjoy looking at this montage of my travels in 2015. I will revisit some of these photos in future posts as well as post from future travels to teach or learn in 2016. View to the end to see my thoughts for my life adventures.

These are just a few the things I saw on my adventures.

Fabulous “Hippy Bus” in California

To die for boots in Carmel, CA.IMG_0030Great shop to teach at in Greenwood, Indiana

Fabulous shop owners at The Back Door.IMG_0181

I took a beginning knit class on my day off in Zionsville, Indiana.IMG_0202

My first scarf!IMG_0222

Lolly’s Quilt shop in Shipshewana, Indiana.IMG_0231

Quilter’s General Store in Rockford, Illinois.IMG_0264

My pattern Josephine’s Knot sample in the store.IMG_0267

I did a little Row By Row shopping along the way!IMG_0441 IMG_0458 IMG_0484

I spent two whole weeks immersed in fiber study in Tennessee.IMG_0518 IMG_0702

My friend Vernon Bowen treated us to a trip to the Salt & Pepper museum.IMG_0714

Taught and lectured for three days at Tennessee Quilts “Quiltfest”!IMG_0904 IMG_0933A little Indigo Dyeing on silk.

Spent some time in my jewelry studio.IMG_1436 IMG_1516

We had a wonderful trip to Canada for me to lecture and teach. IMG_1610 IMG_1614 IMG_1707

I made a silk sample of my Gypsy Sampler Wall Quilt.IMG_1791

Ice dyeing!IMG_1864 A fabulous trip to NYC before teaching on a 12 day cruise.IMG_2010

We sat with great friends.IMG_2011

Fabulous full rainbow while at sea.IMG_2050

I love it when my husband David gets to travel with me. IMG_2157 IMG_2198 IMG_2371 IMG_2401

We saw our youngest son in Grand Cayman.IMG_2410

I taught with great women on the ship. Marilyn Foreman, Nancy Mahoney and Deb Luttrell our cruise host. She plans a fabulous cruise.IMG_2429

Don’t you love the colors when the ice is melting with Ice Dyeing?IMG_2554

This is a gift from a dear friend. I try to heed the advice.IMG_2804
I bought a great piece of art from Cindi Goodwin. She is a wonderful artist.

A few of my students displaying their quilt tops from class.IMG_5346

My jewelry making class friends Cathy, Vivian and Rita.IMG_5541

More class quiltsIMG_5554 IMG_5718
My Martha Stewart friends Karen and Eileen. We have such great memories of our two ‘Dreamers into Doers’ group visits to NYC to meet Martha.

I crossed a lot of state lines last year. I travelled a lot of miles in my trusty car. IMG_0285






IMG_5858 IMG_5863 IMG_5868



I have some great pincushion snapshots. I will share a whole post this year.

I just loved this little mouse.IMG_5914_2

There is nothing like teaching my silk class and seeing the beautiful silk quilts come to life.IMG_5916_2

I try to live by the quotes listed below.

I am not sure who did this one. Sorry!I can add buy the fabric when you see it and don’t save all the good stuff. Use it everyday!IMG_2815

This one is by I LOVE the words! Sure wish I looked like her! 🙂IMG_0883

Come with me for fun in travel, food, fabric, quilts, jewelry etc.

We can get into trouble as a team!

May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.



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