My Tuffet Adventure

My friend Becky and I bought kits for the fabulous Tuffet stools while I was teaching at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough, TN this past summer. We had planned to read the directions and make them ourselves, but we saw a post from Creations of Kerrville, TX. They were having a retreat/class. Well, we decided that would be fun, so off we went to Kerrville. After unloading our stuff we needed to eat lunch before the retreat started. We went to Rails. It was a fabulous restaurant where we both had their wonderful prime rib salad. It was very very good!


We were full and raring to get started so back to the quilt shop we went. There were 16 of us in the class with two teachers to guide us through the process.


Everyone had different fabric and the kits Becky and I had were a little different than the others, so we had to do a little bit of adapting as we went along. The Tuffet is foundation pieced in 8 sections and it was fun watching as it came to life. These are a few of my sections.


As I mentioned earlier, our kits needed a little bit of assembling so I ask for a hammer. This is the hammer they brought me. I hated to use it because it was so cute with all those sequins and gold paint embellishments.


The ladies at Creations think of everything you might need so you never have to leave the retreat. Our meals were all provided and on the way to the dining room there  was a little coffee bar with this lovely collage hanging on the wall.


This is a close up of one area. I really wanted to put this in my pocket to bring it home.


We worked some more and then decided to head to bed for some rest before we started again the next morning. These are some of the rooms. They are all named after towns in Texas. We stayed in the Austin room.


I think this was the Amarillo room.


The next day the Tuffets started appearing everywhere.

IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0023 

This is my finished Tuffet


Of course with a fabulous quilt shop right across the parking lot, we had to go shopping. Who can resist that temptation? These are a few of my goodies.


These are a few of the Tuffets with some of the students. Some ladies had gone home before we took this photo.


This is me with our fabulous teachers Kathy and Katherine. They were so patient and encouraging for our group.


This last photo if is of me with my three roommates. We had a great time and I loved getting to know them. We hope to meet up again .... maybe at another retreat at Creations of Kerrville.


This is the pattern for the Tuffet. Check at your local quilt shop to purchase one.


I hope you get to make your very own.

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31 Responses to My Tuffet Adventure

  1. Sheila Galindo says:

    This looks like a fun class. We have a tuffet class coming up at my local quilt shop, Family Threads, but sadly, I will be away in Melbourne, Australia, visiting my Son for 6 weeks.

  2. Jerry Smith says:

    Looks like a fun class. I want to make a tuffet. A little jealous!

  3. Delores says:

    Love your tuffet !

  4. Wilma Grubbs says:

    You continue to amaze me! Such energy and curious exploration of all things fiber.

  5. Lynn Wingard says:

    It’s such fun to see the finished tuffets. They are all adorable and so different. Cozy Quilts has a class coming up but Jim and I are doing a westbound Panama Canal in May so money is going there right now. What’s next on your agenda?

  6. Wilma Wagner says:

    I really love how they look. Looks like a fun process

  7. Jacque says:

    Your tuffet is wonderful! I’d love to make one some day, one of many projects on my list!

  8. Jennie Pie says:

    You have just about talked me in to trying this. Seeing as how you are my favorite quilt designer, I can’t imagine you’d lead me astray. ;)p

  9. Debbie Hedden says:

    Love all the tuffets! I really want to make one. You do the most fun things!

  10. Sue Martin says:

    I just love the tuffets! I have my dad’s ties and would love to make a tuffet with them!

  11. Shirley Burt says:

    These tuffets are fabulous. Debbie you are a treasure. Thank you for sharing you adventure.

  12. peggy bass says:

    i love your tuffets…i want to make one or maybe two…
    peg in ks

  13. Joelle Leseman says:

    Those tuffets are so beautiful. I live in a Northern Minnesota town, there are no classes like this. Looks like so much fun. Your rooms were very nice. Isn’t it great to make new friends!

  14. Theresa says:

    Wow, so very generous and exciting! I would love to make one too. Thank you!

  15. lana snowden says:

    Tuffets are so colorful. Hoping we will have a chance to do one this year. Looks like a great retreat place.

  16. I love tuffets and the more I read the more I want to make one.
    Enjoyed reading about your adventure. Love the pics of the rooms to.
    Happy sewing 🙂

  17. Norma Davies says:

    Beautiful tuffets. jealous. ..I want to make one…

  18. Dayna Dickison says:

    I love your tuffets and you! Your a fabulous teacher. I have been wanting to make a tuffet thought the kits were too pricey… Every time I see one I think it’s so worth it. My local quilt shop Family Threads in San Juan Bautista is having a class in April. I think I’m signing up! Thank you for sharing

  19. Ina Stringfellow says:

    Love all the tuffets made in your class. I have made one and had to do some modifications also but loved the way it turned out.

  20. Pati Akers says:

    Years ago I made tufets but mine were very different than these. I want to “WIN” the pattern so bad I can taste it! I’ve been buying the pieces need for the way I use to do it but this style is so much more updated!!
    So glad to see you’re doing so good. You always share the cutest and easiest ideas with us!! Thank you :).. Pati

  21. Sharyn Cole says:

    Thank you for mentioning my tuffet pattern , 18″ Pieced Tuffet! Anyone interested in finding a tuffet class near them should visit to find a Certified Tuffet Source Affiliate. Congratulations ladies, the tuffets are beautiful!

  22. Mary salmon says:

    Hi Debbie!
    I have always wanted to make one of these. I have the pattern but it looked
    to difficult to do alone. I love Creations!

  23. Susan Potts says:

    I think all these Tuffetts are just amazing! I haven’t been able to find any classes local to where I live, and so I’ll have to make a tuffet by myself. I would love to win a pattern and start making a start on making one, with others to follow for my kids for Christms.

  24. JanK says:

    I think Tuffet’s are so cool – I just ‘knew’ you were going to announce you were going to teach a Tuffet class!

  25. Doreen says:

    Oh how I wish there was a class nearby. I’d love to tackle it. All the beautiful pictures people post are so beautiful, I’m really tempted to tackle on my own.
    Love the collage on the wall, that would be another challenge but so tempting idea to do. Happy New Year everyone !

  26. Kate Sanner says:

    I never knew exactly what tuffets were (outside of Little Miss Muffett sitting on one) until I started seeing your posts about them on Facebook. They are lovely!

  27. too cute, I need to do this for my cats. Enjoyed reading about your adventures, safe travels 🙂

  28. Patricia Wood Emery says:

    I found an old tuffet out in the tool shed when we moved here to the farm several years ago… rats had chewed the cover and stuffing, but I saved the base and really want to remake it using SILK TIES from the thrift store!!!


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