Prayer quilts

I started a prayer quilt ministry at my church and have posted photos of the quilts on Facebook.
I have had lots of interest in the process so I decided to post here about how we make the quilts.
First I cut batting squares at 6 1/2″.


I bought an accuquilt die cutter that we use to cut 8 1/2″ squares of the front and back fabrics. These squares have fringe precut all the way around.

We make a “sandwich” with the back – batting – front.

Next we sew an X across the squares.

The squares are sewn into rows and the rows sewn together with the fringe pointing out on the right side.

The quilt is washed and dried to make the fringe bloom. A yarn tie is put in each square.

The yarn is left hanging free with no knots.
A label with the persons name is sewn on the back.


After the quilts are blessed in Sunday worship the congregation is invited to say a prayer for the person and tie a knot with a set of threads. When the person receives the quilt they know every knot represents a prayer that was said for them.
This past Sunday we had two prayer quilts….one for a young woman battling breast cancer and one for a young soldier deployed defending our country.


If you are interested in finding out more about the prayer quilt ministry go to Prayers and Squares.
Or check out the Fabric of Faith book.

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