Paris Day One: The Louvre Museum

Buckle up and get ready for my five day trip to Paris with David, Trevor, and our wonderful family friends. I will be posting blogs each day with pictures of our adventures. Then, I will post a few final blogs with all of the wonderful treasures that we found on our excursion. This has been so fun and I am so excited to get to share it will you.

The first day we arrived we visited the Louvre Museum The pictures below give you just an inkling of what there is to see. You could spend days there looking at paintings, sculpture, architecture and views out of the windows.

Here is David, me and Trevor on the plane.

Photo Apr 24, 4 58 02 PM

Doesn't David look happy?

Photo Apr 25, 6 52 28 AM

Here is Trevor and David in the lobby.

The art makes you speechless and you can not believe you are seeing it in real life instead of in a book..

See, even she had a stash.

Guess who this is.

As I said earilier, check back tomorrow and see our adventures in Paris continue.

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I am a quilt designer, fabric designer, author, lecturer and international traveling teacher. I love sewing, quilt making, jewelry making, fabric dyeing, cooking and traveling to teach. I especially like meeting new people ..... Seeing old friends.
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