New York Day 3

On Day three in New York I went to one of my favorite areas in the city – SOHO. That stands for South of Houston. Houston is a street and it sounds like ‘house ton’.  It is a very trendy and fun part of the city. I saw this great sign as I was strolling down the street. It is like a beautiful painting. It really makes you want to go in and have something to eat or drink…….but I was on a mission.

I was going to a great little yarn/quilt shop called Purl SOHO

From the moment you enter the door you are in the most fabulous fairytale land of color.

There is color and texture everywhere you look. This wall is fabric and more fabric.

On a counter there is a bowl of pearl cotton thread that looks like something to eat.

There is a box holding organized embroidery threads.

Under one counter you will find hand dyed wool that makes your fingers itch to do some appliqué.

Look down the row a little way and you see the most delightful ball fringe.

Another bin holds ribbons just waiting for you to have them measured and cut for your next project, whatever it may be.

Turn around and there is a wall filled with yarn. You want some to take home just to look at even if you don’t know how to knit or crochet.

This bin has my favorite colors – cream, yellow, gold, tangerine and ruby.

You can stand at the end of a counter and see all the colors of the rainbow in wool felt.

Don’t forget to look up. High on the wall are small wall quilts or quilt blocks.

One wall quilt is a Hawaiian appliqué done in wool. It is so simple but so striking.

Beside the Hawaiian appliqué there is a depiction of a vegetable garden .

I was so glad that the store owner Joelle Hoverson was on the shop. She has a delightful book  Last-Mintue Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. The book has 30 patchwork and quilted projects arranged according to the amount of time required to complete them, from 2 to 12 hours.

This cute little stuffed penguin is a sample of one project from Molly’s Sketchbook on the Purl bee blog.

This table has embroidered Purl SOHO bags and the fat quarter stack of black & white fabrics that were used to make the penguin.


When you are leaving the shop, look to the left and there is an inspiration wall of tiny shelves filled with wonderful little things……

a table with gorgeous neutral yarns………

To the right is a wall with embroidery hoops of numerous fabrics.

The view from inside out is wonderful also.

I hope you get to go to this inspiring little shop in Manhattan someday, but if not I hope I gave you a small taste of its flavor of color.
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